New A Life, Still Submission!

Tarsha M. Joyner
The Greater Light
Digital Print on Metal
Lynchburg College
11” X 14”

Artist Statement
I use my religion as a basis for much of my work. The missionaries that serve in our church do so much for others that I use my photography skills to provide a small serve for them and their families. This photograph is of a missionary¬†who was standing in a desolate, abandoned building with two windows. I instructed him to turn toward the greater light and to be still. The light of the larger window is representative of the Savior who’s light is greater than that of the adversary which is represented by the smaller window. The stillness is representative of the peace that can be found in the greater light.

Short bio about the artist
Having grown in up in the projects of Rocky Mount, North Carolina, I never really expected to do much with my talents. However, the older I got the more I used my love of color and texture as a creative release. While I have found many outlets to be creative and express myself, my greatest passion is found in film and digital photography. I enjoy working with large and medium format film, alternative print processing, and digital photography manipulation. 

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