New A Life, Still Submission!

Emily Rogers
Alias H.M. Lea, Arrested Yesterday
University of Nevada, Reno
24” x 30”

Artist Statement
It seems everyone at some point in their life changes residences, some more than others. While the reasons for relocating are stories in their own, I’m more intrigued by the stories that accompany the home, the quite stories, the stories of everyday life. They are encased in the layers of paint that cover the walls and make up the exterior façade. They are hidden on porches, in wooden floors, and inside cabinets. I’m searching for a moment of connection between the past and the present. A feeling that occurs while standing in the same place so many occupants have stood in before, only to engage in similar activities or place objects in similar positions. These modest events occur for each inhabitant and over time, through the repetition or these occurrences, we are unknowingly connected to those who resided before us. 

Artist Bio
Emily hails from Clinton Township, a suburb of Detroit Michigan. She was given her first camera at the age of 10 and quickly fell in love with the interaction between the viewfinder and her surroundings.  Emily earned a Bachelor of Arts in photography from Grand Valley State University in 2007 and is actively pursuing her MFA at the University of Nevada, Reno.

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