New A Life, Still Submission!

Erin Rademacher
Behind the Birch Tree
Academy of Art University
Toned Cyanotype
11” x 14”

My photography series called, Another Me, takes my love of fantastical stories to open my mind in exploring my Korean heritage. I utilize traditional Korean folk-stories as inspiration behind my photo-illustrations. These images serve as a confrontation of something I have always tried to suppress because of ignorance, embarrassment and shame growing up outside of my birth country. My transient placement in the imagery acts as a connection to my Korean heritage as I interact with traditional Korean characters. By allowing my use of imagination to create a new reality, I create images that speak from buried past emotions and newly founded acceptance.  My visually stimulating imagery will create an experience for any audience to open their minds to new possibilities.

I am a full-time fine art photography graduate student attending the Academy of Art University in San Francisco working towards a MFA.  Please visit my work at:

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