Today is the last day to see the 2014 Teens Inspired exhibition at the North Carolina Museum of Art! This annual exhibition is curated by teens using teen art and video from North Carolina. Look for details about the 2015 Teens Inspired exhibition in the next month. 


Congratulations to our award winners from 2014 Teen Inspired Art and Video competition! 

You can see these entries as well as the entire juried exhibition this summer and fall when visiting North Carolina Museum of Art

Do you have ideas about how to improve Teens Inspired? Our NCMA staff and Teen Arts Council is already revising the process for 2015 with a greater focus on the artistic process. E-mail with your ideas- we’d love to hear from you!

How can the oldest board game inspire artists throughout history? Theodoor Rombouts depicted a group of working class servants playing the game in the 17th century which inspired Overhills High School student Kimberly Creque to create this modern day version. See both at the North Carolina Museum of Art this weekend before the 2014 Teens Inspired exhibition closes.


New Teens, Inspired Submission
Kimberly Creque
Modern Backgammon Players
Overhills High School
Harnett County
Instructor: Jennifer Buelin 
Colored Pencil, Marker 9”x12’

Artist Statement: The piece I was inspired by was "The Backgammon Players" by Theodoor Rombouts, (1597-1637)
Dimensions: 63 1/4 x 92 7/16 in. (160.7 x 234.8 cm), 

Medium: Oil on canvas. In his original painting he showed men and women engaging in the centuries old game of Backgammon. The game of Backgammon itself has evolved a lot since his time, so the main objective in my piece was by using a modern-day game and people, what would the picture look like? So, I took the painting to the 21st century. Not only game wise- but art style wise. As many old painting were in vivid detail and more realistic, mine is the opposite. Stylized in a totally new fashion and in a completely different medium. Yet, capturing the same scene as the original painting, just forward in time. While at the same time I was paying homage to the simple and basic fashion of modern art. Flat and basic. No extra facial details needed or anything too complex. 

The mangled deception of Roxy Paine’s Askew inspired Katelyn Watkins to create this symbolic mixed media work. See Katelyn’s work and the rest of the 2014 Teens, Inspired exhibition this weekend at the North Carolina Museum before it closes! 

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Teens, Inspired Submission

Katelyn Watkins
The Tree of Deception
Wake County
Instructor: Linette Watkins
The work is multimedia-Watercolor, micro pens, colored pencils, a 3B drawing pencil, markers, and the hill is made out of a graphic that I created and printed out.
Dimenstions: 14in x 17in

Artist Statement: Roxy Paine’s piece, ‘Askew,’ is what inspired my piece, ‘The Tree of Deception.’ At a glance, the large metal tree outside of the museum seems almost to be a live tree. Its mangled imperfection seems natural and entices the eye. I tried to capture this deception of living in my piece, with uniquely shaped and twisted branches that seem to be moving. The girl in the picture seems also to have been deceived, sitting comfortably on the tree and distracted by the view through the camera in her hands. The outward appearance of the tree is pretty and hides the tree’s longing for life, and so the girl did not know when she sat down what was about to happen to her. The tree reaches for a grasp on all living things and is sucking the color and life out of her. If you look closely, the tree has sucked out most of the color and life from the grass on the hill as well; the tree has also curved around the sun, trying to steal its light and color, but the sun is out of its reach. The designs in the tree are symbolic for the various thoughts, ideas, pictures, and moments that the tree has sucked in through past living things. But sadly, for the tree, all of the colors add up together to create white, the presence of all color, and black voids of nothing. After all, what has never been alive cannot steal life to become alive itself.